Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Owner

Mrs. Baby Cakes real name is Shateria, born and raised in Port Arthur, TX.

Baking for Mrs. Baby Cakes started one day in 2012. She was determined. She asked cousins and aunties did they know her Grandma Bennie’s Tea Cake recipe? No one knew it or ever wrote it down. So, she researched some online tea cake recipes, compared and narrowed down her ingredients with what her aunties, and cousins could remember...


Did Grandma Bennie use milk or no milk, one egg or two?!


Finally, a batch was ready to test. Mrs Baby Cakes oldest auntie was the first to taste the tea cakes, fresh out the oven!

Her auntie hopped off her chair and started shouting:  “That's The Tea Cakes,” after just one bite! 

Authentic Baking Company was born.​

Authentic Baking Co. is currently working on new cookie recipes, introducing quick and simple dessert recipes through social media live demos, decorating cakes and sweets for parties near and far.

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